Workshop on Ethical Hacking by Educonf Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
All you need to unlock a door is a right key, but the same key can lock the door again. If Hacking is all about invading world then Ethical hacking is about securing yourself. This Ethical Hacking workshop will introduce you to the world of hacking, the need of an ethical hacker and their importance in the world of network. Protect your system from the unwanted threats. This workshop will be your first step toward protection, the protection of your identity, a shield for your privacy.
Workshop Benefits:
• Know about your system security from a Hacker’s viewpoint
• Learn what Viruses, Trojans & Spyware are and how to evade them
• Find various Website flaws and how to secure them
• Secure Yourself by the exploitation of malicious hacker
• Beat a Hacker’s mind, learn to think out of box
• Think crazy, Browse carefree
Topics to be covered:
• Fundamental
• Proxy Setting & Hiding your details
• Windows Hacking and security
• Facebook hacking and security
• Website Hacking attacks
• Wifi Hacking and security
• Email Hacking and security
• Google Hacking
• Remote Access Trojan (RAT)
• Spoofing (Free Calling)
• Android Hacking
• Hacking By Viruses, Trojans and Spyware
• Registry tweeks
• Kali linux uses
• Cyber crimes laws
• Many more tips & tricks
Free Kits:
• Participation Certification
• E-books
• Tools
• Videos

Why attend Ethical Hacking Workshop by Educonf Technologies?
• Interaction with expert
• Straight demonstration by the trainer
• We believe in those, who thrive to learn
• Experienced and highly qualified Cyber cases solver trainer
• We are dedicated to share knowledge, spread rays of awareness

Two days with four hour session, plus one hour for queries and discussions on each day.
Eligibility: It is a basic level workshop so anyone interested can join us. No prerequisites.
Registration Fee: Rs. 1000 per participant
Contact Info- Mob – 7050853007 / 7050854007
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